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23 Jul Last week, I reported on the Search Engine Roundtable, a huge array of complaints from Google News publishers and searchers that some news outlets are showing old stories in Google News, but they are appearing as breaking new stories. The example I gave was a story from USA Today showing as. 22 Dec I have the app on my iphone and my MacBook. They sync fine with respect to any new tasks I add. But my laptop shows many old (previously completed) tasks as current overdue tasks, when these do not show on my iphone. Other than going through my laptop list and ticking off all the old tasks that. Dear Sir Am using Joomla with K2 version - My issue is that when am deleting an image of an item in k2 and replacing this image with a new one. Even after clearing the cache and purging expired cache, the thumbnail of the old image continues to show up but inside the item i have the new.


SHOWING MY OLD HIGHSCHOOL ART *sooo embarrassing* We have designed one of our client's website from to Angular. Due to this, the URLs been changed to the angular routes. We used the same GA tracking code for the old and new website as we didn't wanted to loose the old data. But, the google analytics is still showing pages in the realtime . For the past few weeks, my Facebook notifications have been completely backwards. It keeps popping up that I have new notifications, but they're notifications I have already seen/read/clicked into, and all of the new comment notifications on my posts are not showing in my notifications until the following day, if they are. If you've just updated a page either refreshing your browser or clearing your browser's cache should sort this. To clear the cache, please see our How can I clear my browser cache, cookies & history guide. If the page shouldn't be there at all try clearing your cache first. If this doesn't work you may need to manually delete.

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